Passive Candidates

The Defence Network prides itself on access to passive candidates. Through years of networking, our consultants have built up an unrivalled network of passive job seekers who do not make their desire to switch jobs common knowledge. Instead they trust our consultants to provide them with ‘best fit’ opportunities for their career aspirations

Internal Database

Our internal database is made up of candidates whom we have reference checked and spoken to, candidates who have worked or interviewed for us previously and candidates who are part of our passive network. Our internal database only holds details of candidates from the core markets we recruit for which makes it ideal for niche and specific skill searches.


Our business in the Middle East is heavily focused on helping businesses reach their nationalization targets. Due to the constant need for highly skilled local talent in countries such as the UAE and Saudi Arabia, we have taken the time to build up our internal database with a talent pool of highly skilled nationals from graduate to executive level.

Graduate Network

We are partnered with various university’s around the world to give us access to their graduates who are either graduating and looking for full-time employment or those who are still learning and wanting to take on an internship.

Social Networks

As with all businesses we also have access to the likes of; LinkedIn, Monster, JobSite, Bayt and many more, however, we will only ever use these networks as a last resort, if our passive network and internal database doesn’t provide the talent our clients need.

Our Network